Hammer & Chisel

Enough with the farming games.

Let's build something epic!

The old way of building core games is dying, but gaming isn't. The sales of tablet devices are off the charts. So why is everyone still building these boring simulation games?

In our quest to build something that we love to play, we are mashing up knowledge from AAA gaming and respectful, modern social games to make an experience that is truly unique to what tablets offer.

Introducing Hammer & Chisel

Founded by Jason Citron, the guy behind OpenFeint, we're a small startup with a big vision: to be the Blizzard of the post-pc era. We're funded by a bunch of smart angels & the folks at Benchmark, Studio 9+, Accel, IDG, and TWI.

Our small team has drawn over 100 illustrations for top-tier collectible card games, shipped numerous console games, scaled up live web services to 120,000,000 users, and played tens of thousands of hours of core games.

We are driven by a deep calling to our craft: the day to day building of a holistic experience that blends technology and art into something magical. We hope you enjoy playing our games as much as we've enjoyed making them. :-)

What People are Saying

  • The OpenFeint mastermind has been making games for iOS devices since before it was even known as "iOS", way back in 2008…

    Jos Osborne - Games.com
  • We know Jason Citron is capable of great things given his previous work, and although this is just the very beginning stages we're eager to see what will come from his new venture Phoenix Guild.

    Dean Takahashi - Venturebeat.com
  • "All of the gaming today is casual or mid-core," Jason said. "There is a huge bunch of gamers who can't frigging stand this crap, myself among them."

    Jared Nelson - TouchArcade.com

Join us

At Hammer & Chisel you’ll have the rare opportunity of being part of a funded team of game developers with investors who actually understand what it takes to build a great game as well as a great company. That means killing projects that aren’t fun for players (we’ve done that) and giving more time to projects that show promise (done that too). It means selecting markets and distribution channels deliberately as opposed to following the fad of the day.

We have a culture of open debate, rapid iteration, and delegated responsibility. Everyone is expected to maintain a rigorous balance between greatness and getting things done. And always in the context of a holistic user experience.

You’re expected to openly call people out when they are not performing their best. You’re expected to quickly prototype and prove your ideas. You’re expected to relentlessly refine towards a great holistic user experience. You’re expected to move fast and make lots of mistakes while course correcting along the way.

Most importantly, we entrust the user experience to you. Every single craftsman who works here knows that nothing is someone else’s problem. You are ultimately responsible for delivering a fantastic game no matter what.

Some people won’t fit well in our intense, fast paced environment. We know that. But the people who do absolutely love it. If you’re the type of person who obsesses over improving your skills, is comfortable being told your work isn’t good enough, and is excited to learn and improve, then you have a good chance of fitting in!

Oh and we make sure you have the best workspace money can buy. Programmers get giant Apple Cinema Displays with their top of the line Macbook Pros. All of our Artists get those gigantic Cintiq touch screens mounted to their desk by metal arms. And Aeron chairs. Everyone gets those ‘cause they are really really really comfortable.

Sound exhilarating? Come do your life’s best work with us.

  • Senior Gameplay Developer

    We are looking for a senior developer with a bit of UX sense to drive implementation of user facing gameplay features and polish

    You should have experience in building all aspects of a game including tools, gameplay, rendering, character control/animations, effects, low-latency networking, memory management, and optimization.

    You will be working with four other developers to bring this game to life! So you'll need to be ready for everything.

    At Hammer & Chisel you'll be expected to contribute to solving problems like these:

    • Core game play systems that involve low-latency networked gameplay systems
    • Implement and critique top-level polish passes on user facing gameplay systems
    • Build and modify tools and pipelines for a team of artists to get high resolution content into the game
    • Help with all technical aspects of bringing a game to market including building user interfaces and screen flows as needed.